West Maui Sustainability


May 17th meeting minutes

West Maui Sustainability
PROUT Presentation

30 minute DVD presentation shown by Steve. About local, cooperative-based economy. Can find at www.prout.org. Most attending felt it would be a good thing for Maui.

Review Maui Growing Local event

Compost Collection Sites:

Tamara will work on this idea

Eve will write a grant to cover costs of West side collection site

Charge a monthly or annual drop off fee?

Talk with Tim Gunther


12 Workshops held at the event:

Who will help move the ideas forward for the West side?

Ua to lead reforestation of Koa and Sandalwood

Sanna to lead community gardens

Tamara to lead regional Composting



www.westmauisustainability.weebly.com is up and going. Just needs more content.

List of committees with contact person

Add photos

Edible landscapes

Green links: Maui Food Web, Save Honolua, PROUT, SMS, SLIM, US, OLA

Post meeting minutes


We need a unified website for all Sustainability Groups to post meetings, events and important news.



Ke Ola Pono: Program encouraging living well, healthy lifestyle for anyone needing help with terminal illness, elderly issues, management of chronic disease, caregivers, etc. Classes available. Call 281-0094 for more info.


Saturday, 5-22: Planting led by Les Potts Middle Gate of Lipoa Point at 8 am to 11 am. Planing 120 Aalii plants.


Free Meditation Classes @ Steve’s house in Napili Villas. 2nd and 4th Sundays, 5:30 pm. Group meditation at 6:30, followed by vegetarian potluck dinner. Call 665-0645 for details and directions. All welcome.


Mission/Vision Statement Proposal

Mission Statement: To create a conscious community that lives sustainably and promotes shared awareness, education and cooperation within West Maui.


Vision: We are a self-reliant West Maui Community working in harmony with the environment.


Acton Goals for Sustainability

Preserve Natural Resources

Respect Culture

Community Cooperatives

Share Water Resources

Renewable Energy

Food for All

Balanced Economy