West Maui Sustainability


May 10th meeting minutes

West Maui Sustainability—Lahaina Chapter


Minutes for meeting of May 10, 2010, at UH Lahaina campus

Attended by Elle Cochran, Marti Wukelic, & Kathy Corcoran


After introductions, the group discussed mutual interests and potential projects.

1.  Marti proposed a community garden behind campus.  We plan to reach out to the    neighboring living complexes and invite them to participate (Front St. Apartments,            Lahaina Surf, Westin employee housing, Hale Ohana and Lahaina             Residential). 

            We all love this idea, and

Marti will work on getting permission, and on getting funding for locking gates at the open end.

2. Elle proposed the movie, Cuba:  Surviving Peak Oil, which had been shown at     UH Kahului      campus by Maui Peace Action. 

Marti will find out how we can obtain it and show it here.

3.  All of us are aware of pineapples rotting in the field.  Marti said MLP has backed down on   offering access due to liability issues. 

Kathy will contact an owner of some fields regarding harvesting for the needy. 

Result:  Donna Willard, owner of the fields abandoned by Hali‘imaile, also has liability concerns, but told Kathy this             morning that, if we have a group, we can all go in and    harvest in the fields accessed by the first road on the right past Honokohau.

4.  We all want for everyone to have a roof over his/her head.  Elle told us about how Light-      bringers are working on getting nighttime-only shelters set up here on the West Side        (Victor Belarosa and Gene Viglione).

5.  We all would like to see local community-level and household-level recycling. 

            - Elle knows about how New Zealanders paint tar on their roof to create basic solar water         heating. 

Marti will look on the internet to find out more.

            - Elle knows about how Herman _______, with ProVision Solar, Inc., used to have a   plastic recycling operation here on Maui, but the county shut it down. 

Kathy will follow up with Myan at ProVision to find his phone number and see if            he will   talk to   us.

6.  Kathy brought up the idea of countertop sprouting of various beans, seeds, lentils and greens,           but bemoaned how seeds for sprouting have to be brought in from off-island.  Elle   suggested that Vince and Irene Mina probably use seeds from their own sunflowers for    growing the sunflower sprouts they sell to the health food stores. 

Kathy will follow up with them.

7.  Elle knows of native planters who are re-establishing native agriculture on their          properties in Kahoma, particularly their lo‘i kalo. We would love to meet with them and     work cooperatively in whatever ways would work.

- Elle will contact someone from their group on this.


Next meeting May 24, same time, same place. 

Kathy will send out reminder notices to her e-mail list.