West Maui Sustainability

  Meeting Notes -  4/19/2010



            - Review last meeting

            - Brief Introduction

            - Add West Maui issues to list

            - Promotion of group thus far and for the future

            - Meeting process

            - Community Gardens

            - Education Topics

                        - Composting

                        - Community gardens

                        - School gardens

                        - Gardening Maui 101

                        - Reef Protection

                        - Local economy

                        - Renewable energy

                        - Native Kupuna to instruct us in traditional ways to malama the land

                        - Sovereignty, for both Kanaka Maoli & Kanaka e

                        - Land tenure and taxation



            - Composting, green waste

            - Waste water treatment   

            - Solar energy potential

            - Farm to School Program

            - Recycling facility needed in Lahaina

            - Satellite county council location in Lahaina?

            - Three thousand acres of West Maui farm land left fallow

            - New means of exchange (love?)

            - Home size wind turbine (http://homeenergyamericas.com/Energy-Ball.html)

            - Cooperatively owned health food store on west side

            - Genetically modified foods and organisms

            - Chemical herbicides & pesticides

            - Programs & group projects involving youth & parents with Kupuna such as Ke'eaumoku Kapu          (808-250-1479)

            - Community service

            - Lawful re-instatement of Ke Aupuni o Hawai'i

            - Mala wharf in shambles

            - Fish pond restoration

            - Princess: "restore the kingdom of Maui

            - Heavy metals in aquifer due to household batteries in landfill

            * Surfing Preserve Bill (SB-2646): Contact Senator McElvey and DEMAND "they" remove the             words "Competitive surfing is of great value" (commerce!), OR REMOVE "HONOLUA BAY"           FROM THE WORDING IN THE BILL!!!!

            - Set up a fine & fee schedule for all of the De-Facto corporations such as the STATE OF HAWAII,

              its affiliates and associates such as COUNTY OF MAUI, etc, and bill them for damages sustained.



            - Composting

            - Reef protection

            - Honokowai valley Ahupua'a restoration (Join the folks of "Maui Cultural Lands" every Saturday at             9:00 AM. Meet by red Ka'anapali Coffee Farms antique truck in north Ka'anapali, bring H2O, food            and plan to work until approximately 2:00 PM)

            - Community gardens

            - Home gardens (Visit Job in Honokohau valley on Sundays @ 9:00AM)

            - More west Maui farms

            - Alternative energy

            - Bio-waste fuels

            - Securing of farm land (Donations, grants?)

            - Education

                        - Sustainable systems (Job is available for hands-on solar instruction)

                          (What is sustainability? - Providing the necessities of life for all beings?)

                        - Fish pond restoration

                        - Cooperative store

                        - Sovereignty

                        - Hydro-energy

                        - Shipwreck - Lahaina

                        - Recycling (Curb-side? Free service? Work with Recycling coordinator Hanna Steele)



            - Consensus - 2/3 majority vs Ho'oponopono

                  - Princess: Maui No Ka Oi!!!! Return it to its former splendor!

                                    Ho'oponopono (Make things right) - Agreed

                                    Begin with Kahea: "E ho'u mai! (Grant us! - The only way to receive is to ask!))

                                    One is chosen to be the impartial facilitator

                                    Bring issue up

                                    Discuss the issue

                                    Resolve the issue

                                    Facilitator has last say

                                    Meeting contents remain private

                  - Steve:     "We have to come up with proposals"

                  - Gordon: "Put aside personal agendas, listen and contribute to collective conscience, be realistic                                 about participants' potential lack of longevity in the program"

            - Rotation of Facilitators - Agreed

            - Duties of Facilitator - Agreed

                        - Set up agenda

                        - Keep meeting on track

                        - Be sustainably passionate



            - Word of mouth (Sanna)

            - Facebook (Sanna)

            - Lahaina News (Eve Clute)

            - In the Pink (Katherine's publication)

            - Food co-op education program (Gordon)

            - Sovereignty education (Jean-Marc)

            - Meeting notes, minutes & email duties (Jean-Marc)



            - Dawn Allen, 808-205-8467, konakai@hotmail.com

            - Kathy Corcoran, 808-661-1852, glorybe@hawaiiantel.net

            - Tamara Paltin, 808-870-0052 (Save Honolua President)

            - Gordon Clay, 808-269-8794, gordoclay@hotmail.com        - Jean-Marc Offergeld, 808-357-6580, turtmeister@gmail.com

            - Josephine, 808-276-8725, jordanjosephine@yahoo.com

            - Job K. Cabato, 808-665-0628 (No email)

            - Susie Lewis, 808-344-6298, slewisart@hawaii.rr.com

            - Eve Clute, 808-667-5058, clute4council@aol.com

            - Amy Kurisko, 808-298-8274, kurami@verizon.net

            - Sanna